Butlins Big Weekends 2023-24 dates - Get an extra £20 off now (2024)

Big Weekenders at Butlins

Butlins big weekends are a dedicated adult only weekend of live music entertainment featuring some of the best live music acts in the UK run at Butlins famous family entertainment holiday parks in the UK. The Butlins adult weekends take place across all three of the Butlins resorts, Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead.They offer great value for money for three nights of accommodation and live music entertainment for the adults to let thier hair down without the kids.

The Butlins big weekends feature both original artists with great headline acts and are famous for thier live music performances every night. The big weekends also allow all guests to benefit from all the other facilitates Butlins offers with great restaurants and bars and swimming and water fun in the pools including the flume slides for those wanting to make a splash!

A typical Butlins Big Weekend kicks off with an opening party to get everyone in the right mood for a brilliant weekend. There is also our Silent Disco if you love dancing to your own tunes!

If you fancy trying an alternative to the Butlins Big Weekend you could try aPontins Weekenders which offer a similar experience of adult themed music weekends with 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's weekends including ultimate party weekends. They all offer great acts and fantastic value for money with comfortable self catered accommodation and are priced from just £39 per night.

Butlins Big Weekends - Music Themed Weekenders Explained
The music Weekends can be divided into two basic categories, decade themed and the more purist music themed which are called 'for the love of music' weekends. The decade type as the names suggest focus on a particular decade of music and range from the 60's right up to the noughties, you get a fantastic mix of live tribute acts, headline acts and big DJ sets.

Decade themed Big Weekends

  • Absolute Radio 80's weekender- this is normally the most popular themed weekender and sells out first so book early!
  • Replay - You will find each of the three large stages dedicated to each decade i.e. 80's, 90's and 00's
  • We Love the 70's - Live music and tribute acts to the likes of Slade and Leo Sayer and the Three Degrees etc
  • 90's Reloaded - typical acts include Judge Jules, Peter Andre, Bewitched....
  • Festival of the 60's - Takes you back to the days of the Beatles and Rolling Stones with fantastic tribute acts.
  • Back to the 2000s - A weekend filled with the best Pop, Dance and Garage sounds. A high energy weekend with some amazing disco's

For the love of music Big Weekends

  • Bootleg Ball - weekend dedicated to all the Butlins tribute acts
  • Cream Weekender - Full on rave music weekend celebrating high energy electronic party rave music
  • Fat Boy Slim - all back to Minehead - If you love Fat Boy Slim then you already know what to expect - a three day long full on party of rave music.
  • Rockaway Beach - an indoor music festival which gives new and breakthrough artists the headline stage, the perfect weekend to discover your new favourite sound.
  • Shiiine On Weekender - Indie and dance music from the 80's and 90's
  • Soul Weekender - celebrate the very best in pure Soul music through the decades
  • We Love Ibiza - a whole weekend from headline DJ's recreating the very best Ibiza party sets
  • A House Full Of Garage - The man himself - DJ Spoony presents a full weekend of the very best Garage sounds in Butlins Bognor Regis
  • We Call It Dance - Full weekend of the very best dance music, you leave fitter than you arrive!

Choose Your Butlins Resort...
There are three Butlins resorts in England, each one has a different feel but all are brilliant locations to enjoy a fun packed weekend without the kids!

Skegness - Ingoldmells, Skegness PE25 1NJ
This was the original and first resort located on the Lincolnshire Coast making it ideal if you are traveling from the North or the Midlands. It is famed for the enormous 3000 square metre water park complete with high-speed flumes and vortex slides.
Bognor Regis - Upper Bognor Road, PO21 1JJ
Situated right on the South Coast, Bognor gets more sunshine hours than any other English seaside town. Easily accessible from London and boasts three hotels and a large Ocean Spa.
Minehead - Warren Road, Minehead, TA24 5SH
The largest Butlins resort situated in the heart of beautiful Exmoor in Somerset. The beach has a mile long stretch of golden sands and Bristol is just 60 miles away.

Butlins Big Weekends 2023-24 dates - Get an extra £20 off now (1)

​​ Accommodationfor Butlins Big Weekends
Butlins offers a wide range of accommodation to suit everyone's budget and tastes across the three Butlins sites of Skegness, Minehead and Bognor Regis. There are three options to suit different budgets and requirements starting with a wide range of Basic Rooms for a great place to sleep on a small budget or for more space and self-catering options then try the Butlins Apartments and finally for the most comfort and conveniencethere are a range of Butlins Hotel options to choose from with comfortable beds and powerful hot showers, sheer luxury for a music festival!

Food and Drink
You will be well catered for with a wide choice of great value venues at any of the Big Weekend sites. There are buffet options, sit down restaurants, plenty of bars and multiple take-away options and with many venues serving late into the night you will never go hungry.

Frequently asked questions for Butlin's Big Weekenders

1. How do you book your Butlin's Big Weekend?

  • The easiest way is to book online atbigweekends.com, just follow the 'book now' instructions
  • If you prefer to telephone then you can call on 0330 100 6648 for groups of less than 20 or...
  • If your group is bigger than20+ please call on 0330 102 5297
  • If you wishto book whilst on the resort then just visit either the Holiday Booking Shop or Discover Butlin's
  • Finally if any member of your booking group has restricted mobility then it is best to phone on0330 100 9334(phone line open 9am - 5pm everyday) or alternatively email:[emailprotected]with your requirements.

2. What details do I need to book a Big Weekend?
You will need all of the guest's names, dates of birth and addresses. These can all be entered into your online account and you can do this over a few days. Once all of the guest details are complete Butlin's will respond back to you.


How much deposit do you need to pay to secure a Butlin's Big Weekend?

Butlin's payment schedule

Live Music Weekends

Arena Breaks - Darts

Standard Deposits



Auto-Pay Deposits



Full Balance Due By Date

70 days from event

70 days from event

4. What payment options does Butlin's accept for Big Weekends?

  • You can pay by either credit or debit card - Visa, Mastercard, Delta and Switch are all accepted
  • Payment can either be made online from your account or by calling 0330 100 6657 and using the Butlin's automated payment service
  • You can also make payment using a cheque (providing your booking does not start for 21 days) or by Postal Order if you prefer
  • Finally Butlin's has recently introduced a system called Autopay which allows you pay for your break with a smaller deposit and then divides your remaining balance between the number of months before your stay. Autopay then makes a payment from your chosen payment card every month so that you have paid for your break in full before you arrive.

5. Can I use my Tesco vouchers to pay for a Butlin's Big Weekend?
Yes, these are accepted for payment against your accommodation but not against dining or additional extras. To use your vouchers to pay you need to call the Butlin's booking team on 0330 100 9327 and have your valid vouchers to hand.

6. Can you just book a part weekend rather than the full 3 days?
The Butlin's Live Music Weekends are a 3 night package so you will have to book for the full weekend duration but you can of course decide to stay for a shorter time but there is no refund available if you leave early.

7. If you have spare room in your accommodation can you bring in another guest?
Yes you can but you must book them in as the Live Music Weekends are priced as a per person event. You would need to contact the booking team on 0330 100 6648 and they will arrange the change to your booking and inform you of the additional cost.

8. Can you swap your guests once a Butlin's Big Weekender has started?
No this is not allowed. All guests need to be listed on the booking for the full duration of the 3 night weekend.

9. Do people wear fancy dress on a Butlins Big Weekends?
Yes, most Big Weekends are perfect for dressing up in fancy dress, especially on Saturday nights.
However on the following weekends fancy dress is not the norm:

  • Shiiine
  • Cream
  • Fatboy Slim
  • Rockaway Beach

10. Can children go to a Big Weekend?
No, Butlins Big Weekends are adult only and you must be aged 18+ to attend.

Arriving and parking for your Big Weekend...

1. Does everyone in our group have to arrive at the same time for the Butlin's Weekend?

No, provided they have a copy of the booking reference for your group and they are listed on the booking then members of any group can arrive when they wish.

2. Can you park at Butlin's?

  • All guests have complimentary parking inside the resorts on a first come first served basis.
  • Parking areas can be located either on the resort map or by using the Butlin's app to find the closest parking to your chosen accommodation.
  • Parking spaces cannot be reserved.
  • Bognor Regis has Deluxe Suites with dedicated parking spaces outside the accommodation and all three hotels also have car parks for staying guests.
  • Minehead has Deluxe Suites offering parking outside and Bayside apartments with their own car park.

3. Can we arrive for our Butlin's Weekend in different cars?
Yes you can, but remember that parking on the resort is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

4. What time can you arrive at Butlin's for the Big Weekends?
Butlin's email guests before the start of your break and ask you to choose an approximate arrival time slot. This helps to ensure a smooth arrival process and stops too many cars turning up at once. However the time is not fixed and if your journey is delayed this will not be a problem and you do not need to contact Butlin's to inform them of a late arrival.

5. How do you know which Butlin's resort entrance you should drive too?
Guests receive an welcome email 24 hrs before their stay which contains your entrance location

6. What do you need to check in on arrival at Butlin's?

  • Booking reference found in your confirmation email or on the Butlin's app.
  • Photo ID - either driving licence or passport.

Butlins Big Weekends 2023-24 dates - Get an extra £20 off now (2)

Butlins Big Weekends Bognor Regis
​Upper Bognor Rd
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 1JJ

Butlins Big Weekends Minehead
Warren Rd
TA24 5SH

Butlins Big Weekends Skegness
​Roman Bank
PE25 1NJ

This website is not affiliated or endorsed by Butlins.
The information is provided as a free information service. For any enquires regarding Big Weekends please contact Butlins directly on 0330 100 6649

Butlins Big Weekends 2023-24 dates - Get an extra £20 off now (2024)
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