Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List - Best Characters (2024) (2024)

Fate Goddess Awakening is a turn-based combat role-playing game that combines tactical cards with simple gameplay but is extremely attractive because of its cute and adorable character designs. There are up to 6 races for you to choose agents to work for you. Use your wits to build strategic formations and deal with different battles. Therefore, you need to understand the strengths and tiers of each character. That’s why this Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List is so important for you. Let’s explore together!

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Information about Fate Goddess Awakening

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Fate Goddess Awakening is a brand new turn-based RPG with strategic real-time battles in a fully live 2D environment. You can summon and collect cute little chibi lively 3D characters that can be placed in your squad.

You can fight for the title of world champion in intense PvP matches or simply sit back and relax in idle PvE game modes. Raid legendary gear from dungeons and challenge powerful giant bosses. Deploy your tactical ingenuity and formalize strategies for different content in the game.

The game takes place in the year 7050 when the Apocalypse is about to happen. A dark force suddenly appeared with the ambition to destroy the Earth. At that time, an organization called the Detective Association stood up and summoned agents from all over the world to stand up against the villains to save the planet. The world where technology and magic coexist creates a unique character for Fate Goddess Awakening.

Many game modes from PvE, and PvP are ready for you to experience hands-on. You can form an alliance to work together to overcome dungeons with incredibly difficult levels and valuable rewards for those who deserve it. A series of challenges like Maze or Bang Hoi are enough to make you and your teammates spend a lot of effort to find the best strategy to win a perfect 3-star victory.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – All Ranking

You can freely summon agents from SR to SSR without having to spend much effort. There are up to 6 races for you to choose from including Celestial, Fiend, Beastkin, Human, Mech and Void. You have countless possibilities to use your intelligence, build strategic formations, and deal with different battles.

In Fate Goddess Awakening there are more than 70 different characters and each agent will have a very unique appearance and a superior skill system, extremely satisfying combat effects that will make you feel overwhelmed. Hands-free gameplay will be a small plus point when you just need to arrange the cards on the field in the appropriate position to promote their abilities and they will automatically engage with opponents.

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Whether you are looking for a strong, resilient character to take the first line to withstand damage or talented agents who master different weapons, this tier list is important. It is like a compass that shows you the way to victory. So, don’t forget to return to the adventure to receive the rewards your characters helped you receive.

In this Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List, GamePlayPlan has created a tiered ranking of the game characters for your reference. We ranked the game’s characters by considering their strength, rarity, and versatility in each battle.

If you are curious about the tiers of the best characters in the game, this tier list will help you understand that. The leaderboard will be divided into 5 different tiers and obviously, each tier represents a group of heroes among them. In which tier S is the strongest and tier D is the weakest.

Please note that this list is based solely on our knowledge and experience. We recommend that you only refer to this tier list when building your squad and it may or may not fit your strategy.

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Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – Tier S

Tier S is the rank that comes with the strongest heroes. They hold the best skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, you won’t fail under any circ*mstances. These characters all possess outstanding skills, are easy to combine with the squad, and all have powerful and powerful skills.

Tier S characters are the best characters in Fate Goddess Awakening. They are the ones with the highest basic stats and skills and can help you win the game easily.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier S:

  • Nidhogg
  • Serqet
  • Chang’e
  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Freya
  • Mikounoko
  • Qian
  • Demon King

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – Tier A

Tier A will include characters with good basic stats and can deal a large enough amount of damage. Even though tier A characters aren’t the best, they’re still great choices for any squad.

These characters possess powerful damage-dealing abilities and valuable utilities that greatly contribute to your team’s success. These characters are still enough for you to win, as long as you can combine the team properly and know how to enhance their strength.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier A:

  • Nawa
  • Chang’e
  • Niyue
  • Elizabeth
  • Celeste
  • Wild Pansy
  • Tiger Boy
  • Nieyin
  • Diao Chan
  • Senju
  • Mars
  • Ryan
  • Reiner
  • Luna

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Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – Tier B

Tier B characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful to you in the starting phase. Tier B characters are weaker than S or A tier characters for one reason or another. This is because they primarily act as support characters and rely heavily on resources to level up.

B Tier heroes are solid and reliable choices for your squad. They provide a good balance between attack and defense, with reliable skills and good utility.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier B:

  • Hakutaku
  • Teng
  • Russell
  • Nekomata
  • Jin
  • Pi Xiu
  • Mira
  • Spiked Tail
  • Larix
  • Yi
  • Cai Yan
  • Joy
  • Niya
  • Jingchu
  • Arthur
  • Diviner
  • Gan & Mo
  • Lanternfly
  • Oracle
  • Hako
  • Platelets
  • Varona
  • Noah
  • Jayati

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – Tier C

The strength of tier C characters is only average and useful for the early stages of the game. While they may not excel in damage output, they make up for it with crowd control, healing, or buffing abilities.

Characters at this level are considered slightly inferior to higher-level characters but can become quite useful after a few days of play. As you gradually get used to their abilities and strengths, they will prove to be a valuable asset.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier C:

  • Crown Prince
  • Hunter
  • Pandora
  • Betty
  • Butterfly
  • Boysen
  • Friday
  • Yidi
  • Roca
  • Uriel

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List – Tier D

By considering all the above ranks, these can be called the weakest ranks, but we are not saying that they are not useful. They are used in our game and would be ideal to use in your game as a beginner with a little effort. Because they don’t have much power, only average skill.

As soon as you get a better hero, it’s best to ignore them. Investing in them may not yield the desired combat power, so instead focus on upgrading your stronger allies.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier D:

  • Ushas
  • APTX
  • Mephisto
  • Zheng
  • Amy
  • Orangey
  • Noodles
  • Josie
  • Cheep
  • Candice
  • Annie
  • Kevin
  • Shadow
  • Break
  • AT-007
  • Inutaro
  • Dabai
  • Inter
  • Rootspider


So you have received all the information related to Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List and the necessary instructions when getting started with the game. Also, don’t forget to follow us regularly to update the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will add more new characters and weapons, and then this list may change.

Fate Goddess Awakening Tier List - Best Characters (2024) (2024)
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