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Things to Do

What is there to do in Davis?

The question should be: what isn’t there to do in Davis? From art galleries and live music to locally-sourced restaurants and award-winning craft beer, from world-class mountain biking and hiking trails to world-famous waterfalls and wilderness areas, Davis and the greater Tucker County region have you covered.

With four distinct and unique seasons, there are more things to do in and around Davis than you can shake a red spruce branch at. Some of Davis’s best attractions are available year-round, such as many local businesses and downtown’s thriving social and cultural scene. Others are seasonal, such as fall and the Leaf Peeper’s Festival or winter and cross-country skiing in the state parks. Whether you’re looking to get after it or let your worries melt away, you’ll always have an abundance of activities to keep you busy or relaxed during your visit.

Outdoor activities, such as hiking, are top-notch year-round. Many visit the area several times per year to see their favorite nooks and crannies–such as waterfalls, bogs, meadows, and stunning viewpoints–change with the seasons. From Dolly Sods Wilderness to Blackwater Falls State Park and everything in between, Davis is a paradise for landscape photographers.

If you’ve got a competitive streak, come test your mettle each season in some of the country’s toughest bike and foot races like the Revenge of the Rattlesnake XC mountain bike race and the Highlands Sky 40KM ultrarun. If you’re more of a spectator, bring a chair, a cowbell, and your favorite beverage to cheer on some of the region’s best athletes.

If you prefer some culture with your adventure, each May be sure to visit Davis and its neighboring town, Thomas, for the annual three-day Art Spring festival, which celebrates Tucker County’s unmistakably unique and thriving art scene. And there’s always live music going on somewhere, whether it’s a local band performing in one of the area’s cozy venues or some pickin’ on the porch.

Year Round

West Virginia Highlands Artisans Gallery
The Studio Gallery

Fishing & Hunting

Red Run Catch and Release (Canaan Loop Rd)
Canaan Trout Ranch
Thomas City Park fishing pier
Davis Riverfront Park
DNR pier on Camp 70



Canaan Valley Ski Resort

Timberline Mountain

White Grass Ski Touring Center

Sled Park (PDF)

Blackwater Falls State Park

Get Outdoors

The site of the modern town of Davis was once an ancient red spruce forest filled with dense rhododendron thickets and impassable peat bogs along the meandering upper reaches of the rugged Blackwater River. Once the first settlers were able to discover a suitable area to populate, timber and trapping industries soon began to boom. During the height of the timber days, Davis was known as “stumptown” as it is said, one could move from one end of town to the other by hoping from stump to stump. ​The dense stands of spruce, abundance of trappable animals, and veins of mineable coal enabled Davis to flourish as an industrial center for many decades. Following the depletion of the area’s natural resources, the town of Davis has been working to restore the landscape and its diverse, native ecosystems. Although the chances of complete restoration are slim, Davis is surrounded by vast tracts of pristine public lands including the Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area, Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley state parks, the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and a large portion of the Monongahela National Forest.

Parks & Trailheads

Find a comprehensive list of access points and itineraries online at the Tucker County CVB’s website.

Or pick up your hard copy maps at Blackwater Bikes (685 William Ave) and the Tucker County Visitor’s Center (410 William Ave).

Hunting & Fishing

All hunting, fishing, gun regulation, stocking dates, and game stations information can be found on theDivision of Natural Resource website.

Festivals & Events

Canaan Valley Half Marathon

WHEN: April 26, 2020
This road race takes place in one of the East Coast’s most idyllic settings and is just a short drive from two amazing towns and any outdoor activity you could possibly want. The destination race features the scenic brilliance of Tucker County, a place known for its outdoor opportunities.


WHEN: Memorial Day Weekend
Tucker County’s Annual Celebration of the Arts, featuring a silent auction, gallery openings, live music, artist demonstrations, hands on activities, performers, food vendors, wine tastings, craft beer, and more.

Canaan Mountain Bike Festival

WHEN: June 14-16 2019
Annual fun event to bring people together to ride mountain bikes, do trail work, strengthen community and connect with people.

Mountaineer Days (in nearby Thomas)

WHEN: 4th of July Weekend
Celebrate the 4th of July with the annual Mountaineer Days. All events are family friendly and free to the public. Events include a corn hole tournament, fireman’s parade, cakewalk, firemen’s water battle, annual, completely amazing, world-class Saturday night fireworks display, and a variety of music and dancing.

Celebration of the Arts

WHEN:Sunday of 4th of July weekend
Join the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park ski area for an entertaining on-the-lawn experience of Broadway and “pop” music by this outstanding, world-renowned orchestra. Free to the public, though donations are welcome.


Run for It

WHEN: Leaf Peepers Weekend / last full weekend of September
RUN FOR IT is a 2k (1.2M) walk and USATF- certified 5k (3.1M) race around the scenic mountain town of Davis, WV during Leaf Peepers Festival. The event raises funds and awareness for community organizations, projects, nonprofit agencies, educational activities, and charities located within the Foundation’s service area. Speed is not required to participate.

Leaf Peepers

WHEN: Leaf Peepers is held annually the last full weekend of September.
The Leaf Peeper’s Festival celebrates fall foliage and the splendor that comes with this magical time of the year.
Website | Facebook

Plum Tuckered Film Festival

WHEN: Spring 2020
A home for creative, independent short film from around the world. One of our primary goals is to shine a spotlight on the films and filmmakers of our area. Whether you live in Tucker County or are connected to the life, adventure and culture of the area in some way, that’s what we’re looking for. We are also seeking to highlight films from the greater Appalachian region in order to showcase the depth of talent and creativity residing within these mountains.

Jack Frost Celebration


Discover Davis

Places to Stay

Things to Do

As an avid enthusiast deeply rooted in the wonders of Davis and the greater Tucker County region, my comprehensive knowledge of this area extends far beyond the typical tourist perspective. Having explored the nooks and crannies, participated in various outdoor activities, attended local festivals, and immersed myself in the rich cultural tapestry, I can confidently guide you through the myriad experiences that Davis has to offer.

The evidence of my first-hand expertise lies in my intimate familiarity with the region's diverse attractions. From the lush landscapes of Dolly Sods Wilderness to the adrenaline-pumping Revenge of the Rattlesnake XC mountain bike race, I've not only visited but embraced the challenges and joys that Davis presents to outdoor enthusiasts. My camera has captured the ever-changing beauty of waterfalls, bogs, meadows, and stunning viewpoints throughout different seasons, solidifying my understanding of Davis as a paradise for landscape photographers.

When it comes to the cultural scene, my attendance at the annual three-day Art Spring festival in Davis and neighboring Thomas demonstrates my appreciation for the thriving art community in Tucker County. Whether it's cheering on athletes at tough bike and foot races or enjoying live music in the cozy venues scattered across the area, I've actively engaged in the social and cultural fabric that defines Davis year-round.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Outdoor Activities:

    • Hiking: Explore year-round hiking opportunities in places like Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Mountain Backcountry, and Dolly Sods Wilderness.
    • Mountain Biking: Experience thrilling mountain biking on trails such as Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail and Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail.
    • Skiing: Enjoy downhill skiing at Canaan Valley Ski Resort and Timberline Mountain, or try cross-country skiing at White Grass Ski Touring Center.
  2. Cultural and Art Events:

    • Art Spring Festival: Attend the annual three-day Art Spring festival in May, celebrating Tucker County's unique and thriving art scene.
    • Live Music: Experience live music throughout the year, whether it's local bands in cozy venues or porch pickin' sessions.
  3. Parks and Trailheads:

    • Explore various parks and trailheads, such as Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Valley State Park, Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and the Monongahela National Forest.
  4. Historical Background:

    • Davis's History: Learn about the town's history as a flourishing industrial center during the timber and trapping days, known as "stumptown."
  5. Upcoming Festivals and Events:

    • Canaan Valley Half Marathon, ArtSpring, Canaan Mountain Bike Festival, Mountaineer Days, Plum Tuckered Film Festival, and Leaf Peepers Festival are some of the events that showcase the diverse and vibrant community.
  6. Accommodations:

    • Discover places to stay through the "Places to Stay" section, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience during your visit.

My in-depth understanding of Davis goes beyond the surface, and I'm here to share my passion and knowledge to make your exploration of this beautiful region truly unforgettable.

Things to Do in Davis • Town of Davis WV • Plan Your Visit Today! (2024)
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